Monday, May 15, 2006

starlandliu (what a fucking ah beng name) has shut down his blog. because i called him a racist (which he is. he said that the "brown skins" malays should be beaten up by the police because they create trouble). he said all that racist shit and then deleted the post. think his readers are stupid. what a fucking asswipe. i also told him that his grammar and spelling is soooo bad that he can only be the janitor of AJC (his dream school) and that he can only DREAM of entering NUS. so starlandliu, until you improve yr grammar and spelling, and go back to primary 1, then you can start talking about big people issues like politics. for now, shut the hell up. you are a lily-livered pussy! what a cock! support pap? those very same people you support are gonna haul your ass to courts for sedition you racists mofo! no brains, bad english, racist - this is what your treasured education system produces issit?? what a jackass.